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Moss is plentiful in Duluth, and you’ll see it hanging from trees all over Minnesota. Some people admire the beauty of moss hanging from trees, while others consider it a nuisance. It is necessary to demoss your trees.

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Spanish moss and ball moss are the two varieties of moss that grow on trees. They’re actually bromeliads, despite the fact that they’re called mosses. Succulents and pineapples are in the same family as these plants. These mosses are not parasites, despite the fact that they grow on trees. The nutrients for Spanish and ball moss come from rain and sunshine, not from the tree.

These plants have microscopic grey scales on their surfaces that collect more water than the plant requires and store it for dry periods. This is why Spanish moss changes colour: when there is a lot of water, it seems green, and when there isn’t, it appears greyish-blue.

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While Spanish moss is not legally harmful to trees, it can pose a concern in addition to being a nuisance. When trees with Spanish moss are wet, they can grow unduly heavy, putting strain on the branches. As a result, the branches weaken and become more susceptible to breaking. There is no foolproof chemical method for removing Spanish moss. In fact, the easiest way to kill the moss is to pull it out by hand as it grows. Even after full removal, it is possible that it will reappear after being carried by birds. However, by supplying appropriate fertiliser and water to your trees, you can usually slow down the growth of Spanish moss.

Because eradicating Spanish moss can be such a headache and time-consuming operation, it’s definitely easier (and more cost-effective) to hire an arborist or other tree professional to do the job for you, especially if you have larger trees in the landscape. Spraying the trees with a Spanish moss herbicide, in addition to hand removal, is the most cost-effective technique of Spanish moss treatment. Professionals are the ideal solution for this because they are better suited to handle and spray massive trees that a typical homeowner would not be able to do.

While moss is safe in and of itself, too much of it can add a significant amount of weight to your tree. When significant clumps of Spanish moss become moist, they can damage a tree and put strain on its branches over time. During storms, dense moss reduces wind and rain resistance.

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Demonstrating dense trees can increase their health and longevity, therefore trees with a persistent moss problem may require moss removal on a regular basis. Birds, on the other hand, utilise Spanish moss to build their nests, and some people enjoy the sight of moss on their trees. Demossing differs from person to person and should be based on the amount of wood on your tree as well as your particular tastes. Demossing services are provided by Tree Service Duluth MN. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


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