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Are you looking for tree care service in Superior, WI? We are tree professionals with years of experience.

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Top Rated Tree Care Services In Superior, WI

We provide all kinds of tree services at an affordable price for the people of Superior, WI.

Tree Service Duluth MN is licensed and insured to provide safe and effective tree care service. We are equipped to take care of any size project for commercial as well as residential properties.

Our skilled arborists take pride in providing quality tree care to enhance the beauty of your property. Give us a call today to book our services.

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Our Services

Tree Removal In Superior –We remove obstructive trees of all kinds. We have the experience in handling some of the biggest trees in the trickiest places. We ensure everyone’s safety when it comes to removing trees. Our arborists have a vast knowledge on tree removal and they help to supervise the process for safe tree removal.

Tree Trimming In Superior – We have the skills and the needed equipment for safe tree trimming. We trim trees for aesthetic and practical reasons. When you want a tree that is shapely and would stand up staring against harsh weather conditions, then trimming it is the best bet. We also trim trees for it’s healthy growth.

Stump Removal In Superior – The stump that is left behind after tree removal has no purpose other than to feed clitters. It is an obstruction in your yard that you wouldn’t want. Your kids may stumble on it while playing and injure themselves. The stump neither looks good, nor does it serve any purpose. That is why we have an experienced team to remove stumps by either excavation or grinding, whichever you prefer. We will suggest grinding as it is quick and easy. However, if you plan on doing any construction on the space, excavating the stumps out of the ground could be one way.

Emergency Tree Services In Superior – We cater to all kinds of emergenyc tree care needs. If you need tree removal of a tree that has been damaged in the storm or tree trimming for a tree that is leaving towards your house, then let us know. We trim, as well as remove trees on an emergency basis.

Storm Cleanup In Superior – If your yard has become a war zone after a storm, we can provide clean up services. We will remove all the debris, cut broken trees and remove shrubs that have been derooted and make your property appealing again.

Tree Demossing In Superior – If you need safe tree demossing, we are the people you can come to. We will climb the tree and remove all the moss that has grown on it. Not only will it improve the appearance of the tree but also improve its health.


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  • No matter what your tree care needs are, we can fulfill it.


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