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What is Stump Grinding? Following the procedure of tree removal, there is a portion of the trunk that remains. This part of the trunk deeply bonded with the assignment roots is hard to remove manually. Making the process even harder, not every machine can remove this stump portion of the trunk.

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Why Work With Us?

At Tree Service Duluth MN, our team has been at work with stump grinding for years at this point. We have a great customer service history. And we have a trusted long relationship with our clientele. But what makes us special?

  • We have all the modern equipment and execute new techniques required for the process.
  • Our team has a trusted relationship with our clientele.
  • Our team communicates with our clientele from the initial inspection performed to the end process.
  • We make sure the safety measures taken during the procedure are not compromised.
  • The equivalent we use and the customer service we provide are top-notch.

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Our Stump Grinding Services

As mentioned earlier, the types of equipment used for stump grinding have specific features that are not available everywhere.

Therefore, you might have to consider professional help to get this work done. Read below to know the types of equipment we use to get the stump grinding process done neatly for you.

Skid Type – This heavyweight machine with a skid-gear is facilitated with functioning carbide-tipped teeth. With a fine edge, this machine helps in the clear removal of the stump with the root chipped. The equipment provides a well viewable target location. With three further distinguishable models of this type, the loader doesn’t require to be reloaded.

Stump Grinder Attachment – This is a great option for attachment access to already heavy working equipment. Based on the inspection, our team will advise you to choose your preference. This attachment stump grinder is a great choice for heavy work stumps. And therefore, only professionals are advised to work with these. So if you are considering renting one, think twice.

Rear-hitch Stump Grinder – With three-point teeth, this is an option chosen for heavy work. If the stump of the tree remains is new and still rooted to the ground, this option would prove to be great.

Riding Stump Grinder – This is a comfortable ride with a seat for the worker to guide on. This again is a heavy work stump rider. It gives more control over the target for the worker. Depending on the nature of your tree’s stump this equipment is used.

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The usage of the right machinery with a well experienced and guided professional is required. You might question yourself why you should remove the stump in the first place. These stumps are more dangerous than you give them credit for. Tree stumps that are left to the care of nature invite a lot of unwanted guests. Guests of all species. As they start to decay in the absence of nutrition, this process begins. Not only do they cause this nuisance, but they also lead to the growth of weeds. Maintaining your garden or lawn under normal circumstances is hard enough. Imagine the condition of your lawnmower if you are treating it with weeds and a garden with unnecessary organisms. And that is why you need to remove the stump with professional help. Located at Duluth, MN, we provide excellent tree stump grinding services. If you’ve worked with us as part of our clientele for tree removal too, the familiarity with the location will speed up the process. As you might know, our team of professionals require an appointment for inspection first. If you have proceeded with tree removal with us, this will help us quicken the whole process. Stump removal equipment involved is worked with the help of precessional supervision. These complex machinery rented and used may not be a safe option.


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