Tree Care Services In Cloquet, MN

We provide complete tree care solutions for the commercial and residential properties of Cloquet, MN.

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Top Rated Tree Care Services In Cloquet, MN

We are your go to tree acre company when it comes to quality tree care at an affordable price. We service residences and commercial properties such as schools, hotels, offices, public parks and more.

Tree Service Duluth MN is well versed in taking care of all types of trees no matter how big or small. Our professionals are trained and have years of experience in the tree care field.

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Our Services

Tree Removal In Cloquet –Trees that are dead, coming in the way of infrastructure, damaging your property, or diseased need to be removed. We have professionals who can remove even the biggest of trees with ease. We have the needed machinery and the skills for safe tree removal. We will plan out the whole tree removal process beforehand so there is no confusion and everything goes smoothly.

Tree Trimming In Cloquet – If the tree is causing property damage by growing into your roof, or power line, they need to be trimmed down. Trimming trees can also help to prevent tree damage during storms. It will also improve tree growth the next year and help in fruition. If you need tree trimming by professionals, give us a call.

Stump Removal In Cloquet – Stumps are ugly. They serve no purpose. They could be a safety hazard for kids. They come in the way of cleaning your lawn or making use of it during landscaping. If you want stump removal by a professional without having to dig a hole and damage the process, call us. We will grind the stump to the ground so you are left with a flat ground.

Emergency Tree Services In Cloquet – We provide all kinds of emergency tree service in Cloquet. We will trim trees that are damaged during storms and are a reason for hazards. Trees that are dangerously close to power lines or your house should be trimmed or removed before a storm. No matter what kind of tree emergency you have, we are the people to call.

Storm Cleanup In Cloquet – Do you need storm cleanup? We clean commercial and residential properties to bring them back to their pre storm look. We will remove the debris, trim branches that are damaged, cut plans and grass that has been damaged and make your property look organized again.

Tree Demossing In Cloquet – When your tree has moss growing on it, call us for demossing. We will climb the tree with safety harness and remove all the moss from it’s branches. Demossing can improve the tree heath and make it last a long time. It will also prevent moss from growing on other trees and improve the tree’s appearance.

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  • We provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  • All our services are affordable and we operate ethically.
  • We use modern methods and ensure everyone’s safety during the work.
  • We are licensed and certified professionals.
  • We have years of experience in tree care.


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